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Zebrafish Market Expected to Surpass USD 428.1 Million by 2033, Growing at 13.8% CAGR | Report

Pharmiweb 17 May 2024
Advancements in Genetic Engineering. Technological innovations enable precise genetic manipulation of zebrafish, expanding their utility in genetic studies and drug discovery ... Genetic Similarities to Humans ... Genetic Advancements.

New strategy suppresses unwanted deletion events to make genome editing safer and more precise

Phys Dot Org 15 May 2024
By manipulating these genes, either with drugs that inhibit POLQ or through genetic techniques that boost the expression of RPA, the KAUST team was then able to reduce the occurrence of detrimental ...

The Debate Over Lab-Grown Meat

Quillette 15 May 2024
Vast metal machines of the kind that bother Fetterman are used to process all kinds of food, including meat, and the ostensibly natural fruits we consume are subject to a great deal of genetic manipulation.

Crime and thrillers of the month – review

The Observer 14 May 2024
... the super-rich can take a trip to an exclusive park, Erebus Resort, in the Colorado Rockies, where woolly mammoths, Irish elk and giant ground sloths have been revived thanks to genetic manipulation.

Biodiversity, Financialization of Nature and Biodiversity Credits

Navdanya International 14 May 2024
The framework also did not make any mention of regulation of new gene edited gmos, gene drives and other genetic manipulation techniques that have detrimental consequences on biodiversity.

Emily Henry, Douglas Preston, Judi Dench: new bestsellers

Daily Press 13 May 2024
An asterisk (*) indicates that a book’s sales were barely distinguishable from those of the book above ... 1 ... — ... (Forge) A Colorado Bureau of Investigation agent and a county sheriff look into misdeeds involving kidnapping, murder and genetic manipulation.

GMOs are safer than you think

Manila Bulletin 07 May 2024
A recent court ruling against growing two genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our country, specifically BT eggplant and golden rice, once again highlighted the disconnect between science and public perception in our country.

Research team develops fast-track process for genetic improvement of plant traits

Phys Dot Org 06 May 2024
To prove the system works, the team focused on a genetic ... By genetically manipulating a plant's transcription factors, researchers can increase or decrease the amount of oil produced in its seeds.

The British government downplayed

The Daily Mail 06 May 2024
Other revelations showed Chinese scientists carried out 'gain of function' research, whereby a virus is genetically manipulated to show different behaviour, such as becoming more infectious, or to become infectious against different species ... .

The End of Humanity - Hybrids and Genetic Manipulation

Bitchute 05 May 2024
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The pros and cons of Artificial Intelligence

The Malta Independent 05 May 2024
Let us not forget that transhumanism knows its roots in Eugenics where genetic manipulation yields the highest breed of humans through selective reproduction, (that is, choosing humans on the basis of ...

Fifth 'God's Misfit' accused of murdering KS women declared extremist beliefs last year

Raw Story 05 May 2024
citizenship ... But the custody dispute is only part of the story ... citizenship ... In the document filed July in Cimarron County, Grice rails against government oversight and regulation, the genetic manipulation of food, vaccines and the United Nations ... .

How the brain's arousal center helps control visual attention too

Science Daily 03 May 2024
... the brain by briefly shining light on genetically modified neurons.

Scientists identify ‘degrees of Kevin Bacon’ gene

CNN 02 May 2024
And now, scientists believe there is evidence that how central you are to your social network, a concept they call “high betweenness centrality,” could have a genetic basis ...Fruit flies are useful because of the power of manipulation.

Scientists' research on RNA editing illuminates possible lifesaving treatments for genetic diseases

Phys Dot Org 29 Apr 2024
The work reveals a new process in human cells that has potential for treating a wide variety of genetic diseases ... "But we wondered, can we program manipulation of RNA in a living human cell?".