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Human genome editing summit haunted by spectre of eugenics

GM Watch 28 Mar 2023
The statement may have prompted sighs of relief from those who were concerned that the summit’s participants would exploit the event to immediately push for changing the law banning human germline (heritable) genetic modification (HGM) in the UK ... Although somatic cell genetic manipulation could, in principle, also be used for "enhancement" (e.g.

KEN’S CORNER: The Law Of The Higher Potential Is Self Knowledge

The Liberty Beacon 28 Mar 2023
Genetically manipulated, we are coerced to formulate overt attitudes that orchestrate a myriad of complex interactions by electrical nerve and neural pathway stimulation by what we ingest, from the quality of the food we eat, type of dust in the air we breathe, the lawn we walk ...

Global WAR-NING! Geoengineering Is Wrecking Our Planet and Humanity

GlobalResearch 26 Mar 2023
It is no longer just cancer we need to worry about, but how our immune systems and genetics, thoughts, emotions, and what it is to be human are being remotely manipulated by AI algorithms ... Chemicals, nanotechnology, and electromagnetics are manipulated for geoengineering, ...

Discovery may lead to breeding more resilient corn crops

The Bradford Era 21 Mar 2023
The researchers created multiple mutant corn lines using genetic manipulation methods such as the CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing system and gene knockouts to show the causal association between the transcription factor and formation of root cortical aerenchyma.

There Is No Nanotechnology In The Nanotechnological C19 Shots? That Is Not Logical

The Liberty Beacon 21 Mar 2023
Mihalcea points out, we’re in a different realm of physics altogether – the quantum realm – where matter displays different properties and can ‘manipulate sub-atomic force fields and structures, not just cells’ ... Human tissue can fuse with this type of matter and be manipulable.

Top Sectors to Explore for Penny Stocks to Buy 

PennyStocks 20 Mar 2023
Companies focusing on these technologies aim to manipulate genetic material to cure or alleviate genetic disorders, which could revolutionize the way we approach medicine ... These firms may also be involved in developing custom treatment plans based on patients’ genetic profiles, which could lead to more effective and tailored therapies ... (NASDAQ.

The case for slowing down AI

Vox 20 Mar 2023
there are such strong incentives pushing us to create a given technology that it can feel as inevitable as, say, gravity The cloning of humans or genetic manipulation of humans, she adds, is “a notable example of an economically valuable technology that is to my knowledge barely ...

Review: Restoring faith in medicine

Lincoln Journal Star 19 Mar 2023
J. KEMPER CAMPBELL. “The Masters of Medicine. Our Greatest Triumphs in the Race to Cure Humanity’s Deadliest Diseases” by Andrew Lam, M.D., BenBella Books Inc., 368 pages, $31.95 ... 12, 2015 and May 19, ... He acknowledges the difficulties of achieving success in academic medicine and the future ethical risks and potential triumphs of genetic manipulation ... J.

Was COVID-19 a Chinese lab leak?

Citrus County Chronicle 17 Mar 2023
Can anyone reasonably believe beyond any reasonable doubt that genetically playing (risky manipulation of gain-of-function) with highly pathogenic viruses and organisms found in nature “cut and pasted” in labs is beneficial to the human race?.

Tame attention: Reporting 'tame' grouse could improve species' prospects

Herald-Standard 17 Mar 2023
Game Commission biologists who receive the report will visit the site, attempt to capture the bird, and will swab its saliva for genetic testing ... Biologists say finding and identifying “tame” grouse is important because they suspect the species, isolated in patches of good cover, is beginning to “split” into distinct genetic sub-populations.

Austrian and German ministers want stringent regulation of new GMOs

GM Watch 16 Mar 2023
* Scientists recognise that the entire genome of new GM products, including both the intended and unintended changes caused by the genetic manipulation processes, must be taken into account in the detection and identification of new GMOs, in a so-called "matrix approach".

No laboratory in the world stored a coronavirus which could have been manipulated into Covid, ...

The Daily Mail 15 Mar 2023
'There is no evidence that any lab in the world had a virus genetically close enough to SARS-CoV-2 that is could be manipulated to become that virus.' ... that this virus could have rapidly evolved into SARS-CoV-2 or be manipulated genetically to become SARS-CoV-2.' Read more.

The 'Rapunzel' virus: An evolutionary oddity

Phys Dot Org 14 Mar 2023
A recent study in the Journal of Biological Chemistry has revealed the secret behind an evolutionary marvel. a bacteriophage with an extremely long tail ... He added, "Imagine a Lego where the sockets start off closed ... The researchers now plan to use genetic manipulation to alter the length of the phage tail and see how that changes its behavior ... DOI ... ....

‘Resident Evil 4’ is when the series got gloriously bonkers

NME 14 Mar 2023
Istill remember the first time I met Ramón Salazar in Resident Evil 4 ... READ MORE. ‘Resident Evil 4’ remake gets a free demo that you can play now ... Resident Evil 4. Credit. Capcom ... B-movie Americana through a Japanese lens, underpinned at all times by a few tried and tested ‘60s sci-fi tropes, the atomic panic swapped out for genetic manipulation ... Credit ... .

Cancer treatment: Artificial human skin now part of new skin cancer therapy

Hindustan Times 13 Mar 2023
The artificial skin used by the researchers in the new study consists of artificial, genetically manipulated human skin cells ... Unlike mice models, the skin model, which is another word for artificial skin, allows researchers to introduce artificial genetic changes relatively ...

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